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Pursuing Compatibility's online shop was created to promote inspiration, a cute sense of humor, compassion, and positivity. This one of a kind, fiercely creative company's mission is to help influence proactive awareness within American society to strengthen relationships, dating and society. 

How can we improve our society based on our downfalls?

Problems such as:

Nearly 50% of the American adult population is lonely over the age of 18! 

In 2019, America's Divorce Rate was 2.9 per 1,000 of the population.

America is ONLY #19 on the World Happiness Index.

Instead of focusing on the problem, Pursuing Compatibility wants to bring creative solutions to help improve our situation.

Therefore, every purchase that is made from the shop goes to funding for a very ambitious company to help produce inspiring and innovative ideas come to life to make the world a better place.


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No words will explain exactly the pain I felt. It's a pain common to many, yet it still hurts. My emotions were all over the place. My heart felt like collapsing in my chest. I could barely breathe. My feet were heavy to carry, and I was speechless. Not knowing what to say, all I thought was, WHY? Once upon a time, that was ME. Two years ago, I was a woman facing the heartbreaking reality that being with a partner for eight years that I thought was meant to be forever, was just so wrong.......

All I could think of was me now being among one of the 50% separated or divorced couples. The emotions came with more than tears; it came with shame, anger, and revolt. That's why you are reading me right now.
It took me some time to have the courage to do something about my shattered heart. I told myself, "this can't be beyond repair." So I googled the internet like never before, and suddenly it sparked out of this calling to wake up and embrace inspiration.....

After this trigger, Annemarie Sheridan got to work immediately and created her company called Pursuing Compatibility.

Have you ever gone through a heartbreaking breakup or divorce where you feel, "Am I this stupid to think it was right?" "Why wasn't it right?" "How could I have not recognized issues? Or signs of growing apart?" "I've researched and watched so much advice, so where did I go wrong!?"


Pursuing Compatibility is counseling (say what it is) home designed to offer adults a push on realizing if we truly understand what it takes to make a relationship or marriage work? How much of dating skills do we have, and how they are essential for a lasting relationship or marriage?

Do we accept loneliness until we find "the one?" Should we not date at all unless we find "the one?" Do we pursue compatibility? Do we pursue a void to fulfill our loneliness? Do we pursue financial codependency? Do we pursue attention? What do we really pursue in our relationships and even in relationships in our society as a community? What are we doing wrong as a society? All of these above justifies why Pursuing Compatibility brings inspiration, awareness and a creative twist.

Annemarie Sheridan, the founder, argues:

"We are failing! I'm tired of seeing people unhappy. Whether we want to admit it or not, all of us are in this life together, and we better start doing better than where we are going. If we don't, we stay stuck! Who wants that?
We all deserve to be happy, and we should give ourselves the chance to get happy. I refuse to give up on that, so how about you?"

We are forever grateful for every purchase that is made and will not disappoint the public on our plans to help make America and contribute to the world a better place. Thank you!